In this captivating case study, we unveil the remarkable transformation of a lackluster landing page into a high-performing lead magnet.


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Inner Balance Landing Page

Jan–Jun 2023

Inner Balance Case Study

Inner Balance Yoga Studio, a haven for wellness seekers, partnered with Aella to undertake a comprehensive brand transformation. The studio already had its website and branding designed by Aella, but it faced challenges in attracting new customers, engaging returning visitors, and optimizing conversion rates. This case study highlights how Aella leveraged its expertise to create a captivating landing page and, in combination with the existing website and branding, achieved outstanding results for Inner Balance.

Inner Balance Landing Page Case study


New Customers


Conversion Increase


Returning Customers Increase


Website Optimization: While the existing website design by Aella was visually appealing, it lacked the desired level of user engagement, leading to a lower-than-expected conversion rate.

Brand Consistency: Although we had designed a stunning brand identity for Inner Balance, the challenge was to ensure consistent implementation across all touchpoints, including the new landing page.

Conversion Improvement: The studio wanted to boost its conversion rate and encourage website visitors to become paying customers.


Increased New Customers


Higher Returning Visitors


Enhanced Conversion Rate

Landing Page of Inner Balance by Aella

Project Overview


Holistic Approach: Aella adopted a holistic approach, taking into account the existing website, branding, and the unique essence of Inner Balance Yoga Studio. This approach allowed Aella to create a seamless integration between the landing page and the pre-existing assets.

Visual Cohesion: Aella ensured that the landing page design complemented the overall branding, maintaining visual harmony and reinforcing Inner Balance’s identity as a sanctuary of tranquility.

Content Synergy: Aella crafted compelling content that aligns with the established brand voice, emphasizing the studio’s dedication to fostering well-being and balance.

Conversion-Oriented Design: The landing page’s user experience was optimized to lead visitors smoothly through the customer journey, with clear call-to-action buttons and easy access to class booking.




Refined Website Experience: Aella refined the existing website’s user experience by incorporating interactive elements and streamlined navigation, creating a more immersive and engaging journey for visitors.

Seamless Branding Integration: We ensured consistent brand application, from the logo and color palette to typography and imagery, across the landing page and the website.

Enhanced Conversion Pathway: The landing page was strategically designed to drive conversions, with intuitive booking forms and persuasive content that highlighted the unique benefits of Inner Balance’s classes.

Mobile Responsiveness: We optimized both the website and the landing page for mobile devices, providing a seamless experience for users on various platforms.



Strengthened Brand Identity: Through the seamless integration of branding across the website and the landing page, Inner Balance achieved a stronger and more recognizable brand identity.

Increased Customer Engagement: The refined website experience and captivating landing page contributed to higher visitor engagement, with longer session durations and reduced bounce rates.

Improved Conversion Rates: The strategic design of the landing page resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates, translating into more bookings and class sign-ups.




Aella comprehensive approach to Inner Balance Yoga Studio’s brand transformation, combined with the new landing page, proved to be a resounding success. The seamless integration of branding elements across the website and landing page, along with the enhanced user experience and optimized conversion pathway, yielded outstanding results.

Inner Balance now enjoys a strengthened online presence, increased customer engagement, and a thriving community of wellness enthusiasts.

This case study showcases the transformative power of Aella’s expertise in crafting a cohesive and compelling digital presence for businesses in pursuit of success.